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Ph. D.

Ph. D.


1. Eligibility

For admission to the Ph.D. program candidate fulfilling the following conditions shall be treated as eligible:

(A) Persons with post-graduate degree (Master degree) from any recognized University with at least 50% marks or equivalent grade point average (GPA). 5% relaxation (i.e., 45% marks) tenable only for reserved category candidates.

(B) Persons working in national institutes/ government/private organization nominated/sponsored by the respective employer. These persons should have recognized post-graduate degree, with minimum marks.

(C) Above-noted rules will also be applicable to overseas candidates who have obtained masters degree from the statutory Indian /Foreign Universities.

(D) Application for research in interdisciplinary subject areas and from applicants belonging to the faculty or subject other than the faculty or subject in which the research project is proposed to be undertaken shall be considered on the basis of the proven competence of the candidate. Application for such research projects will be meticulously examined by the research supervisor and the research committee, subject to confirmation by the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

(E) Admission for foreign students with 50% marks in the Master Degree or equivalent GPA, and relevant Passport and Visa, may be considered, subject to the ratification of the Vice-Chancellor.

(F) During the pendency of the Ph.D. program the candidate will not pursue any other parallel program or course outside the program.

2. Eligibility Foreign Students:

Applications of foreign students with proper official documents, including passport and visa, either sponsored or non-sponsored, being qualified for admission to the research programme, shall be examined by the Registrar, and the same will have to be ratified by the Vice-Chancellor, subject to the approval of the Academic Council of the University.

3. Entrance Test:

Candidates seeking admission to Ph.D. programme shall have to go through an entrance test, to be held by the University as per the Annexure-I.

4. Structure of the Entrance Test:

Entrance test will have two papers – paper-I and paper-II. Paper-I will be for the general knowledge and aptitude of the candidate for 100 marks, while paper-II will be for the subject concerned chosen by the candidate for the research program. Paper-I General knowledge and aptitude will have 100 questions with multiple options in the subject areas like history, geography, logical reasoning, language, literature, culture and on current affairs- regional, national and international.

5. Standard in the Qualifying Entrance Test.

Candidates having obtained at least 50% marks (45% for the reserved category candidates) in all the paper-I will be declared to have qualified to appear in the paper-II. Entrance test for the paper-II will be subject-specific. Total marks for the paper will be 100 marks with the following breakups:- 20 Marks for objective type of questions with multiple choices against 20 questions from the relevant subject, while 80 Marks will be meant for theoretical and descriptive questions. In order to pass the paper-II the candidate will have to obtain at least 50% marks. (45% for the reserved category candidates)

6. Exemption from Entrance Test:

The following category of candidates may have exemption from entrance test:-

i. Candidates having passed the NET/SLET/JRF/SRF examinations conducted by the UGC, DST, ICAR or CSIR or nationally competent authorities, as per the UGC rules.

ii. Candidates with M.Phil. degree in the concerned subject from any recognized Indian University. Such candidates will have to furnish the original copy of the M.Phil. degree to the members of the interview board. Such candidates will have to appear before the interview board of the department concerned.

iii. Foreign students are exempted from the MSSVRAT.

7. Admission Procedure:

(i) The eligible candidates shall apply for admission to the Registrar of the University.

(ii) The application for admission shall be made in the prescribed form obtainable from the Office of the Assistant Registrar (Academic) on payment of prescribed fees.

(iii) The Registrar of the University shall send the applications to the Chairperson, DRC of respective Departments. The Chairperson, DRC of respective Departments shall place the applications at the meeting of the Departmental Research Committee for scrutiny and selection of candidates. The Departmental Research Committee shall conduct an interview of the applicants and finalize the list of candidates for admission.

(iv) The eligible applicants shall have to take admission in the Department for a one semester pre-registration course work as notified by the University.

(v) For the M. Phil degree holders in regular mode and in the concerned subject are exempted from the course work.

(vi) The Departmental Research Committee concerned shall assign supervisors to each student based on the area of interest of the supervisor as well as the scholar at the time of admission.



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